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Cleveland Heights Golf Course


The Cleveland Heights Golf Course is located in the City of Lakeland in Polk County amid the hills bordering Lake Hollingsworth. Cleveland Heights was the focal point of an exclusive golf course community built by developer H.A. Stahl, who named the project after his hometown.  With a swank $1 million clubhouse, Cleveland Heights Golf Course opened in 1925 with all the flair of an elite country club during the Roaring '20s.

The golf course was designed by the golf course architectural firm of Howard Toomey & William Flynn.  Under the personal supervision of William Flynn, the course was described to be as long and difficult as most of the northern links. In the early years, members met at the clubhouse on Lake Hollingsworth and were driven to the Locker House on Buckingham Avenue to meet caddies. The caddie shack stood at the northwest corner of the new clubhouse complex.

Due to the Great Depression, financial difficulties struck and Stahl lost his investment. The City of Lakeland took over the golf course by the end of the 1930s.  The clubhouse on Lake Hollingsworth was purchased by the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club in the mid-1950s and a new clubhouse for the golf course was built on Buckingham Avenue.  Over the years, the pro shop and clubhouse complex on Buckingham was remodeled numerous times, from the one-story, flat-roofed pro shop of the 1940s and '50s to today's $1.5 million Spanish-Mediterranean clubhouse complex.

In the early 1980s, general manager, Reuben Gibson supervised the addition of the third nine holes, which expanded the course to the 27 holes in play today.

Cleveland Heights Golf Course Opens

1928 Plan of the Cleveland Heights Golf Course

Carl Dann and Claude Harmon at Cleveland Heights during 1936 Florida State Junior Golf Tournament


The Cleveland Heights Golf Course is a 27-hole golf complex consisting of three 9-hole courses that are played in 18-hole combinations (A/B, A/C, or B/C).  Each 9-hole course features three sets of tees playing from 2,600 to 3,200 yards and the 18-hole combinations play from 5,300 to 6,400 yards. The "A" Course has the most open fairways, the "B" Course is more challenging than the other two, and the "C" Course has the most length.  Known locally as the “Heights,” the facility is run by the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Lakeland, and offers golfers of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy the sport.

Cleveland Heights Golf Course

Cleveland Heights Clubhouse

Cleveland Heights Golf Course Layout

Local Knowledge

Sixteen of the original 18 holes from Toomey & Flynn design are still in use today.  Portions of the old front nine consist of seven current holes from the A Course.  Starting with hole numbers A-1 (old 1st), A-2 (2nd), A-3 (3rd), A-6 (4th), A-7 (5th), A-8 (6th), and A-9 (9th).  The original 7th and 8th holes were located north of East Edgewood Drive in what is now Veterans Park.  The historic back nine begins on the B Course with hole numbers 1 (10th), 2 (11th), 7 (12th), 8 (13th), 9 (14th), and finishes up with the C Course hole numbers 1 (15th), 7 (16th), 8 (17th), and 9 (18th).

Cleveland Heights Golf Course Overlay 1928-2014

Inside the Leather

Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre - Located a few short miles away from the golf course is the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre which opened in 1948. The Silver Moon has two screens usually showing first-run movies. Each screen has a double feature seven nights a week. Listen to the movie through your FM car radio, or through in-car speakers available on some rows. Large pick-ups and vans are encouraged to park to the rear as a courtesy to other patrons. Come early and pick out your favorite spot! Every night is a great night for the drive-in! Visit silvermoondrivein.com for more details.

Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre

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2900 Buckingham Avenue
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